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Institutions Products

Dispensers,Tissue Disposables & Clinic Rolls

  • Interfold Towel Dispenser

    Interfold Towel Dispenser

    ref 90200100

    Plastic Dispenser for Interfold Hand Towels

  • Interfold hand towels

    Interfold hand towels

    ref 10600500

    200t/P.E. pack

    20 packs/case

    sheet size: 21 x 24 cm

    2 ply - pure virgin pulp


  • Roll Towel Dispenser

    Roll Towel Dispenser

    ref 90200200

    Plastic Dispenser for Roll Towels

  • Maxi Roll Towels

    Maxi Roll Towels

    ref 10601000

    350 sheets/ roll

    4 rolls/case

    1 ply perforated sheets

    size 49x23cm

    Pure virgin pulp

  • Midi Roll Towels

    Midi Roll Towels

    ref 10601300

    4 rolls x 350 perforated sheets

    1 ply - size 49x20cm

    Pure virgin pulp


    (Also available: 100% recycled midi roll - 4rolls x 250 perforated sheets (ref.10601500)

  • Interfold Toilet Paper Dispenser

    Interfold Toilet Paper Dispenser

    ref 90200700

    Plastic Dispenser for Interfold Toilet Paper


    Interfold paper (ref.10201600)

    300T./pack - 24 packs/box

    size: 21x11cm - 2 Ply

    Pure virgin pulp


  • Jumbo Roll Dispenser

    Jumbo Roll Dispenser

    ref 90200800

    Plastic Dispenser for Toilet Jumbo Roll

  • Toilet Jumbo Roll

    Toilet Jumbo Roll

    ref 10201200

    About 175m / roll

    12 rolls / case - 2 Ply

    Pure Virgin Pulp


    (Also available: 100% Recycled jumbo roll (ref. 10201400))

  • Hand Soap Dispenser

    Hand Soap Dispenser

    ref 90200600

    Plastic Dispenser for liquid hand soap 500ml

  • Liquid hand soap

    Liquid hand soap

    ref 70201000

    Perfumed - 4 liters/gallon

    4 pieces/case - Pine scent

    (Also available: Antibacterial (ref.70201200) - Apple scent (ref.70201100)

  • Bar Napkins Dispenser

    Bar Napkins Dispenser

    ref 90200400

    Plastic dispenser for Bar Napkins

  • Bar Napkins

    Bar Napkins

    ref 10500600

    200 t/P.E pack

    20 packs/case

    size: 33 x 21 cm - 1 ply

    Pure virgin pulp

    Printing upon request

  • Clinic Roll

    Clinic Roll

    ref 10601900

    85 meters/ roll

    6 rolls/case

    1Ply perforated sheets, size 49x48cm

    Pure virgin pulp

    (Also available in 50 meters/roll: ref.10601700)

  • Hand Soap Dispenser - Stainless

    Hand Soap Dispenser - Stainless

    ref 90200601

    Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser (500ml) - Stainless steel

  • Jumbo roll Dispenser - Stainless

    Jumbo roll Dispenser - Stainless

    ref 90200801

    Stainless steel Dispenser for Toilet Jumbo Roll

  • Interfold Towels' Dispenser - Stainless

    Interfold Towels' Dispenser - Stainless

    ref 90200101

    Stainless Steel Dispenser for paper hand towels - Interfold