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Institutions Products

Food Wrapping, Straws & Table Covers

  • Aluminum Foil Catering x30cm

    Aluminum Foil Catering x30cm

    ref 60200500

    Catering size: each roll 150 yd

    width 0.30 m - 6 packs / box


  • Aluminum Foil Catering x45cm

    Aluminum Foil Catering x45cm

    ref 60200600

    Catering size: each roll 150 yd

    width 0.45m - 6 packs / box


  • Alumininum Foil - Nargileh

    Alumininum Foil - Nargileh

    ref 60200700

    80 Aluminum sheets  / pack

    24 packs/box

    size 12.5x12.5cm


  • Cling Film Catering x30cm

    Cling Film Catering x30cm

    ref 50200400

    Food wrapping cling film

    Catering size: each roll 300 yd

    width 0.3m - 6 packs / box

    Includes Easy sliding cutter


  • Nylon Sheets x1850gr.

    Nylon Sheets x1850gr.

    ref 70200700

    Nylon sheets for food wrapping

    Net Weight/pack = 1850 gr.

    6 pieces/box

    (Also available in pack of 500gr. Ref. 70200800)

  • Mimosa Straws

    Mimosa Straws

    ref 70200200

    Curved & single wrapped Straws

    200 straws/pack

    15 packs /case - length: 24 cm

    printing on order

    (available in household size:

    50 straws/pack - ref: 70200100)



  • Primo Straws

    Primo Straws

    ref 70200300

    Single wrapped Straws

    250 straws/pack

    12 packs /case

    length: 25 cm

    Printing on order


  • Primo Table Covers

    Primo Table Covers

    ref 70200900

    Disposable Polyethylene table covers

    Color: white

    20 pieces / roll

    12 pieces / box

    Size: 120 x 100 cm