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Since its establishment, Mimosa systematically applies environmental principles when developing new products. It was the first manufacturer of recycled tissue in the Middle East since 1967, and it is implementing good business practices.


  • 100% Recycled tissue reels
  • Recycled Hygienic tissues made 100% from recycled material
  • Container Board, Corrugated Boards & boxes made 100% from recycled material
  • Oxo-Biodegradable P.E. trash Bags with tie (Mimosa Easy Tie™ ) contain Reverte™ technology.


  • Customized Corrugated packaging, made from 100% recycled material


  • Water is an essential natural resource, and is intensively used in paper production. Mimosa installed since early 70’s a Dissolved Air Flotation unit (DAF) for waste water treatment. This unit removes suspended solids from the water and reduces waste water parameters significantly. Recently the company aimed at improving the waste water process even more. In collaboration with GIZ-EFL Mimosa installed the innovative self-cleaning sand filter, which removes all remaining suspended solids and reduces wastewater parameters way below the environmental limit values requested by the ministry of environment. This also allows to reuse both water and fiber based suspended solids in the production process.
  • Paper Waste: all paper waste generated during production is directly sent for recycling in-house.
  • Polyethylene waste generated during production or converting is directly sent for recycling in-house.


  • LED lighting for nylon & corrugating production divisions: replacing regular light bulbs in the thin extruded films department. Resulting in 50% reduction in the amperage used, and 80% reduction in carbon footprint. Plans for other production departments during 2012 through 2015.

Locate Us

Mimosa Zahle

Factory and Head Offices
Located in Zahle, Kaa El Rim
Bekaa - Lebanon

Mimosa - Mansourieh

Warehouse and Sales Offices
Located in Mansourieh
Beirut - Lebanon